The term gasoil, which comes from the English expression gasoil, is accepted by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in its dictionary, which also recognizes as synonyms the notions of diesel oil Y diesel.

GasoilThe gasoil, diesel oil or diesel is a product obtained from the crude oil distillation, which is purified in order to remove sulfur and other substances. Diesel is used as fuel, especially in the so-called diesel engines.

It can be said, in short, that diesel derives from Petroleum: an oleaginous fluid, extracted from marine or continental geological beds, which combines various organic compounds. In order for it to be used, oil is subjected to a process known as fractional distillation, through which its components are separated and various products are obtained.

Among the products obtained by oil distillation are the naphtha, the kerosene, the methane and the tar. Also, as mentioned above, the gasoil.

The use of the word diesel to refer to diesel is linked to Rudolf diesel, the German inventor who created an engine that also bears his name. Is association It arises since the diesel engine runs on diesel as fuel. Diesel, however, is also used in heating boilers.

Near to 75% of diesel is made up of hydrocarbons saturated, while the rest corresponds to aromatic hydrocarbons. The density of diesel is higher than the density of gasoline, which in turn offers a higher calorific value and emits a greater amount of carbon dioxide during combustion.

In the automotive field, the eternal debate always arises as to whether diesel cars are better or worse than gasoline cars. Given that, we can determine that among the advantages attributed to the former are the following:
-They have motors that have more force because they work at low revolutions.
-Not less relevant is that the price of diesel is usually lower than that of gasoline.
-The engines of the cars of this first fuel that we are dealing with are more resistant and durable.
-In the same way, it should not be overlooked that diesel cars consume less fuel than the others mentioned.
-In this list of advantages we should not overlook the fact that these vehicles, as a general rule, have fewer breakdowns.

On the contrary, among the disadvantages of diesel cars compared to gasoline cars are the following:
-When buying them, the diesel ones tend to have much higher prices.
-In the same way, it must be emphasized that when they break down, the cost of repairs is usually much more expensive.
-When you have to choose and pay for compulsory insurance, this usually has a higher amount than that of a gasoline car.
-Also, it must be taken into account that when passing the ITV, diesel vehicles have to pay higher amounts.