The notion from deviation comes from the Latin word deviatio. The term refers to act and consequence of deviating or diverting: to move away (oneself) or to separate (oneself) from something.

DeviationThe deviation may refer to a modification of natural position of the bones or the organs. The nasal septum deviationFor example, it occurs when the structure of the nose shifts. This condition, which in some cases generates respiratory complications, may be due to a congenital disorder or trauma.

The detour from a road, meanwhile, it is a section that distances itself from trunk general. These detours are usually temporary trails that are established when the main road cannot be used for some reason.

A social deviation, on the other hand, it is linked to a habit that is not common in the context of a community. These deviations are behaviors that are not in tune with the expectations and norms of the society.

According to sociology, the deviations are linked to the Historic moment, the situation and the specific group. A behavior considered deviant in the past can be accepted today, to mention one possibility, while a deviant practice in one community may be normal in another. In turn, there are actions allowed in one area and condemned in another.

In the field of statistics and the math, finally, the deviation is called the difference measure that is recorded between a value that is observed of a variable and a different value. If the observed value is greater than the reference value, the deviation is positive.