A relationship is a correspondence or a link between two or more items. Dependence, meanwhile, is what happens when something is subordinate to something else (and therefore depends on it).

Dependency ratioA dependency ratio, therefore, it is a link in which one of the elements depends on the other. The concept can be used in different contexts, always respecting this idea.

On an emotional and sentimental level we can also say that there are dependency relationships. Specifically, the following situations occur that allow them to be clearly and forcefully identified:
-One of the two parties or even both of them come to feel that they are “hooked” on their partner.
-It is established that when someone has a relationship of this type, they manifest a clear low self-esteem and the image they have of themselves, their happiness, their state of mind or their worth is based on the opinions that their partner has of them or expresses them promptly .
-The person spends most of the time trying not to do what he likes or makes him happy but what he considers will be to the liking of his boy or girl.
-Another of the hallmarks of people who are fully involved in a dependent relationship is that they come to believe that they are not capable of living, doing or being in life if they are not with their partner.

Broadly speaking, these are the main characteristics that define people who are fully involved in a dependency relationship, which causes them to have these other qualities:
-See how emotions that are absolutely negative flourish, such as mistrust, fear and low self-esteem.
-They come to feel asphyxiated when their partners cannot be by their side or when they ask them to give them a little space to do things independently.

In the world of work, the dependency relationship is established when a worker performs an activity whose benefits remain in the hands of an employer or contractor. The latter, in exchange for the product of his job, gives a salary or other type of payment to the worker.

In this type of dependency relationships, the subsistence of the person it depends on the remuneration that another person or entity gives you. To provide greater security to the worker and prevent the contractor from abusing his position of power, there are laws that provide protection to the person who sells his work: a minimum wage, compensation in case of dismissal, etc.

In the case of self-employed, self-employed or freelance, the situation is different since the person is not subordinate to another, but has the freedom to choose to whom he sells the fruit of his work and under what conditions. Thus, there is no dependency relationship between the self-employed worker and his / her client (who buys your work).

It is said that a country maintains a dependent relationship with another when your income or wealth depends on it. If a nation X export the 85% from its production to a nation Z, it could be said that it maintains a relationship of dependency with this second country.