There are various theories about the etymological origin of the term delicacy. However, the one that takes on the most weight is the one that states that it derives from Latin, exactly from the word “manducare”, which can be translated as “chew”.

A delicacy is a meal very tasty. Although the appreciation of the flavor is subjective, it is mentioned as delicacies to the exquisite food.

DelicacyFor instance: “How delicious this is! It is a delicacy “, “There is no delicacy more delicious than the lentil stew that my grandmother prepares”, “In this restaurant they make many delicacies, it is difficult to choose a dish”.

Among the words that can function as synonyms for delicacy we come across some such as food, delicacy, delicacy, candy or food.

It can be understood that something is a delicacy for different reasons. Typically, a person is called this way. plate sophisticated or difficult to elaborate. In this context, delicacies are usually expensive.

However, a person can call his delicacy favorite food, regardless of its characteristics, form of preparation or ingredients. Thus, a classic recipe in a family it becomes a delicacy thanks to the appreciation of its members.

In the same way, it is popularly considered that there are foods in the world that are considered authentic delicacies. This would be the case, for example, of 100% acorn-fed Iberian ham or caviar. That list also includes truffles, lobster, oysters or quail eggs.

Manjar, on the other hand, is a name that appears on various foods. In some countries it is known as delicacy or blancmange to the caramel sauce, which is prepared with a prolonged cooking of milk and sugar flavored with vanilla.

The blancmange it is also a dessert that has milk, sugar, rice and almond flour and a dish that combines those ingredients with chicken breasts. The soft delicacy or slow delicacymeanwhile, it includes milk, sugar, and beaten egg yolks.

The elaboration with milk, rice flour and yolks is called imperial delicacy, Meanwhile he main delicacy features strained milk, breadcrumbs, whipped egg yolks, and cheese. The delicacy of angels and the royal delicacy are other culinary options with different qualities.

Likewise, it must be established that it also speaks of the delicacy of the gods. It is popularly used to indicate the delicacy of a food or dish in question. Expression that has its origin in Ancient Greece and is that it was used to make mention of two products that the gods of that time took. We are referring to both ambrosia and nectar, which, when ingested, were considered to grant immortality, increase happiness, and even offer eternal youth.

Finally, we can underline the existence of the movie “Manjar de amor”. This was released in 2002, is directed by the Spanish filmmaker Ventura Pons and is based on the novel “Along with the pianist”, written by David Leavitt. It tells the love story that is established between a music student and a famous pianist.