The Latin word supprimĕre arrived in Castilian as suppress. This is how the action consisting of remove something or in make it cease to exist.

SuppressFor example: “The organizers of the festival announced that this year they will be forced to suppress several shows for budgetary reasons”, “According to different sources, the government is analyzing suppressing the boarding fee to promote cruise tourism”, “The nutritionist recommended that I eliminate fried foods from my diet”.

Take the case of a business which has a hundred employees. Due to a drop in sales and an increase in costs, the owner makes the decision to cut ten jobs. This means that it will lay off a dozen workers, who will no longer have a place in the company.

The idea to suppress, therefore, it may refer to exclude, omit or dispense: “I’m going to delete the details of the story so as not to bore them”, “Please, doctor, take care to suppress the most difficult data when explaining the table to the relatives of the patient”, “The boss suggested that I delete some of the statistics in my presentation to investors.”.

On the other hand, the key Suppress (or Delete, in English), whose name is usually abbreviated as Delete (or Of), is part of the keyboards of computer and is used for deleting a selected item. It is usually located in the right sector along with other editing keys, such as End, Start and Insert.

In some keyboards, The key Suppress appears twice. In addition to the location mentioned, it can be located in the numerical section.