Establish the etymological origin of the word death leads us to move to Latin. And it is that in particular we discovered that it comes from the Latin word mors, mortis which is the one that would give rise with the passage of time to the verb die.

The death is he term of life because of the organic impossibility of sustaining the homeostatic process. It is about the end of the living organism that had been created from birth.


The idea of ​​death refers to the end of life.

Types of death

There are different types of death. Thus, in the first place, we could speak of the so-called natural death which, as its name indicates, is that which occurs as a result of the old age of the person in question.

But, on the other hand, there is the so-called violent death, which is one that someone experiences as a result of either a forceful and fortuitous trauma or as a consequence of another individual having decided to end their life. Thus, someone dies a violent death when they are the victim of a murderer or murderer.

Evolution of the concept

The concept of death, however, has varied throughout the history. In ancient times it was considered that death, as an event, took place when the heart stopped beating and the living being no longer breathed. With the advance of the science, death came to be understood as a process that, from a certain moment, becomes irreversible.

At present, a person he may have stopped breathing on his own and yet still live on an artificial respirator On the other hand, one can speak of brain death to refer to the complete and irreversible cessation of brain activity.


For biology, death implies the impossibility of maintaining the homeostatic process.

Death: religion and symbolism

Beyond the biology, there is a social and religious conception about death. Death is usually considered as the separation of the body And the soul. Therefore, death would imply the end of physical life but not of existence. The belief in reincarnation is also quite common.

A skeleton covered with a kind of robe and a scythe is the symbol of death. To Death as a figure it is known as Grim reaper. For instance: “When the Grim Reaper comes looking for you, there is nothing to do”.

Other uses of the notion

In this sense, we have to establish the existence of what is known as Dance of Death. This we can say that it is a representation that took place during the Middle Ages of a dance in which the central figure was Death, who served as a symbol of the equality of all men before her.

In the same way, there is also the term death bull. This is used to refer to what would be the fighting bull, that is, the animal that, since it is born, is raised to be the one that faces a bullfighter in a bullring during the corresponding bullfight.

Death, finally, is the destruction or the end of something: “The death of the Argentine national team as a power occurred after the retirement of Diego Maradona”.