The verb cushion Alludes to make something less strong or energetic. That which is muffled, therefore, loses intensity and tends to fade or disappear.

CushionFor instance: “By cushioning the impact, the helmet saved my life”, “The restaurants in the city asked the authorities for help to cushion the losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic”, “Having friends helps cushion the pain caused by the departure of a relative”.

A shock absorber is a device integrated into the suspension system that is part of many vehicles and whose function is cushion the consequences of shocks, jolts and violent movements. The vibrations and impacts that a car registers when circulating, in this frame, are absorbed by the shock absorbers, in such a way that such shaking and shaking are not felt intensely by the passengers.

With the movement of the vehicle, each shock absorber opens (expanding) and closes (compressing), causing oil to circulate through valves and thus controlling the oscillations of the suspension. When dampening tremors and shocks, shock absorbers are very important to the safety and for him comfort.

It is important to mention that what is possible to cushion can be symbolic, abstract or immaterial. Suppose a country going through an economic crisis. The president takes a series of measures that he considers to be positive, but in the medium term. In order to dampen people’s concern, offers a speech on a national chain where he announces an immediate assistance plan for the most vulnerable sectors and provides details on the program implemented to overcome the crisis.