From Latin lactĕus, dairy it is that belonging to or relating to milk. The adjective, applied to a food, refers to the fact that it is derived from milk (such as cheese or the yoghurt). For instance: “Children should consume dairy for healthy growth”, “Cheeses are my favorite dairy products”, “The producers promised not to increase the price of dairy products”.

DairyMilk and derived foods (which are generally obtained from the processing and fermentation of milk) are highly perishable and should be kept refrigerated. For this reason, it is important that the cold chain is maintained until the product reaches the final consumer.

Many are the types of dairy that exist in the market. However, in order to classify them, raw milk is taken as a starting point and, based on it, four large groups are established:
• Milk powder.
• Skimmed milk, in which there are caseins and skimmed milk powder.
• Milk cream. In this section, you will find both milk fats and butter.
• Cheese. In this case, the group also establishes caseins and whey. And it is that thanks to the union of both it is possible to produce the aforementioned product, which can be purchased in the market in a wide variety of proposals: fresh, cured, semi-cured, aged …

However, in another way, we have to underline that dairy can also be classified into two groups:
• Dairy without fermentation. In this case, among the most important are milk, butter, margarine or ice cream.
• Dairy with fermentation. The most significant examples of this type of food are yogurts, cheese in its different forms, kefir …

The consumption of dairy products is believed to have started around 8,500 years ago. The nomadic tribes of the Neolithic they were responsible for domesticating sheep and goats and for initiating dairy production.

Within the kitchen, it is common to resort to the use of dairy products on many occasions. Specifically, it is common for chefs to choose to use those to be able to prepare from sauces to sweets of various kinds, including desserts. All this without forgetting that they are also used to dress dishes such as salads or that they become essential ingredients to prepare beverages such as Yak tea.

Today, most dairy products come from the cow. In any case, milk is also consumed sheep, goat, buffalo and other animals. Due to its nutritional properties, dairy is popular around the world.

The milk, the butter or Butter and the milk cream or cream They are dairy products without fermentation, which are obtained from the addition of nutrients, from the separation of their fat content or from other processes. Among the dairy products with fermentation, the yoghurt and the cheese.

It should be noted that milk contains lactose, a disaccharide that is not tolerated by those who are deficient in the production of an enzyme known as lactase. That is why it is said that these people suffer from lactose intolerance.