Possible it’s a adjective that allows to qualify what is feasible. What is possible, therefore, is realizable or practicable.

Something doable

As can be seen, it is common for the idea can be used to construct expressions on what can or cannot be given. What is possible is also doer, a very rare word in everyday speech. In this case it is necessary to remember that we use the verbal construction «to give» to refer to «to happen»: “It may be that they decide to come, but after the discussion I doubt they want to see us again”.

Dable increase

Business success is possible with good background strategies

The concept of dable, however, it is also used for specifically indicate if something is viable or not: “Having two hundred employees without working for four months is not feasible, the government should establish some mechanism that allows us to reopen the company as soon as possible”, “I think it is possible to finish the tournament among the top five teams in the standings since we have great players and an excellent technical director”, “According to the manager, it is possible to achieve a increase 25% in sales in the next quarter “.

In these three examples we can see precisely the idea of ​​”viable”, a term that the RAE defines as something that can be carried out (given its circumstances) or, in a more strict sense, a path through which it is possible to travel. It is not possible to maintain a company for long if its employees are not working. Yes it is, on the other hand, that a great team conquers a tournament or that a good strategy market allow a company’s sales to increase by 25 percent.

Some examples

Let’s see some more example sentences below: “It is not possible that the circulation of the virus disappears in the short term, so it is essential to stay at home as much as possible to minimize the risks of contagion”, “Doctors point out that it is possible that the driver was drunk at the time of impact”, “For the background of Juan, it is possible that he is exaggerating the symptoms so as not to have to go to school “.

Let’s start by studying the first sentence, where the use of the word possible It clearly shows us a connotation of “possibility” or “feasibility.” The issuer says it is not feasible that the virus stops circulating soon, and that for this reason we should stay in our homes whenever possible to minimize the risk to infect us. In this case we can notice a certain nuance of «credibility», since we could express the same idea by saying that «it would not be credible that the virus stopped circulating … ».

Dable accident

It is possible that the driver was drunk

In the second example, after a accident Health professionals who treat the man who crashed with his car indicate that it is possible that he had drunk too much alcohol and that it was the reason for your lack of coordination. Unlike the previous example, the connotation of “credible” does not fit here, at least not without knowing the protagonist; It would be different to know that he tends to overindulge with alcoholic beverages, because then we could assume that he was alcoholic even without a medical study.

Finally we come to the third sentence, in which we are made to understand that Juan has a history in which we can rely to say that you may be acting to make your elders believe that you are unable to attend class. Although the recipient does not have the information to do so deduction, you must trust the issuer, so that here we could substitute the term possible by credible And the result would be practically the same: I expect that from Juan, it is possible that he will, such a statement is credible.