Sepia, from Latin sepia (although with more remote origin in the Greek language), it is a term with several uses. Often used to name a Colour light reddish, which can be found in old photographs, furniture and any other object.

SepiaFor example: “The sepia images of his childhood aroused the old man’s nostalgia”, “I like the sepia color of this table, it combines perfectly with the chairs and the sofa”, “The only photos we have of grandfather are sepia”.

Although sepia was the tone that was used for decades in the photographic field, then it almost disappeared with the birth of color cameras. However, in recent years it has become a trend that snapshots have that one and it is that with it they are given not only a more creative air but also elegance and even a marked vintage style, which is now so popular.

The notion of sepia is also used to name the coloring matter that is obtained from the cuttlefish and that is used in painting. Said dye, of course, exhibits the light reddish color that we mentioned above.

The cuttlefish, meanwhile, is a cephalopod mollusk which is also known as choco or simply as sepia. It is part of the order of the Sepíidae and has a very small shell, which is hidden under the dorsal face of the Body and is covered by the lateral folds of the mantle.

In many corners of the world, as would be the case of the Spanish autonomous community of Andalusia, cuttlefish have become a very present product in the diet. Grilled, with garlic or even cooked, it is usually taken that one, which has important health benefits such as the following:
• It is a great ally to keep cholesterol at bay.
• It is responsible for regulating the energy level that each person has in their body.
• Helps strengthen both hair and nails.
• Provides the body with significant amounts of both vitamins and proteins.
• Contributes to improve what would be the immune system.

Cuttlefish live at the bottom of shallow seas, among algae and aquatic grasses. Its swimming occurs from the progressive undulation of the lateral folds of the mantle, although it can also expel the air from the paleal cavity to propel himself (something that is very useful to flee from dangerous situations).

These mollusks, which have a grinding beak, feed on smaller mollusks or even the same species, although they also eat fish, crabs and shrimp. Cuttlefish, on the other hand, have sharks, seals and dolphins among their main predators.

As we have mentioned previously, cuttlefish, which can be found in the market both fresh and frozen, can be ingested in multiple ways. However, in the case of Spain there are a series of very traditional recipes to prepare it:
• Grilled with vegetables as a garnish.
• As part of a soup or paella rice.
• Grilled and with tomato vinaigrette.
• Including in a seafood splash.