The first thing we are going to determine is that crankshaft is a term that comes from the Latin word “ciconia”.

The crankshaft, also called crankshaft, it’s a axis that has elbows and that, thanks to a mechanism from connecting rod, manages to convert a uniform circular motion into an alternate rectilinear motion and vice versa.

It has its origin in an ancient mechanism that was used to draw water from shallow wells. Specifically, it was a system that was supported by a kind of pole that had a counterweight with which the necessary force was obtained to proceed to raise the water and thus be able to enjoy it.

CrankshaftWe can understand what a crankshaft is by analyzing the different terms that are part of the aforementioned definition. A axis It is a bar that works as a support for a rotating body when there is a movement. The mechanism or crankset, for its part, refers to the gear that transforms a translational movement into a circular movement, or a circular movement into a translational movement.

Taking into account these details, we can affirm that the crankshaft is an elbow bar that, interacting with other components of a machine, allows the transformation of a rectilinear movement into a circular one (or vice versa).

Crankshafts are generally made with alloys very resistant, they are already subjected to a great intensity effort. Many times they have conduits and perforations through which a lubricating substance circulates.

The internal combustion engines that use the automobiles They have a crankshaft. With the engine on functioning, the fuel located in the combustion chamber causes an explosion that moves the piston in a linear manner. Said movement is transmitted to a connecting rod that is connected to the piston and the crankshaft. When the movement reaches the crankshaft, it transforms it into a rotary or circular movement. The counterweights and flywheels of the crankshaft allow to minimize the irregularities that are generated in the movement of the shaft.

On more than one occasion it has happened that you have encountered a problem in your car due to the aforementioned crankshaft. A serious problem since this element is a key part of the vehicle’s engine. Specifically, among the most frequent breakdowns you may experience are the following:
-There has been a scratch of what are the crankpins, which is related to the filtering of the oil and even with the lubrication. The causes of this situation can be several such as that the lubricant is not doing its job properly, that it has traveled at full load with very few revolutions, that accelerations have been made while the engine is still too cold …
-The crankshaft has broken due to fatigue. This other breakdown, which requires taking the car to the workshop without any doubt, can occur because the crankshaft is not well balanced, because there have been torsional vibrations or even because a cylinder has been ignited in the wrong way.