Whoever wants to know in depth the term judged that concerns us now, the first thing to do is proceed to discover its etymological origin. Specifically, we have to say that this is found in Latin because it emanates from the verb iudicare, which can be translated as “render a verdict.”

A court it’s a single judge court or one board of judges that concur with the objective of giving a judgment. The term, by extension, is used to name the place where it is judged. For instance: “Tomorrow I have to go to court to testify for López’s trial”, “The court determined that the accused was innocent and ordered his immediate release”, “The members of the court were threatened by the relatives of the victims”.

courtJudged can be used as a synonym for court or court from Justice. In this case, the court is a public body that resolves disputes under its jurisdiction. It may be a unipersonal court (resolutions are issued by a single judge) or a collegiate Court (A plurality of judges dictate the resolutions).

In the case of Spain, we would have to say that there are very different types of courts, among which are those of peace, of first instance and instruction, those of the criminal, those of the social, those that deal with matters of the contentious-administrative sphere. , those of minors or even those of prison surveillance.

Courts can also distinguish between ordinary (They must respond to matters that occur in their jurisdiction, whatever their nature or actors), specials (established by the Constitution to resolve certain particular matters or judge certain people) and arbitration (whose judges are not public officials).

According to the hierarchy, there are lower courts (occupy the lowest degree of the judicial pyramid) or superior (also called magistrates). Regarding the procedural phase in which they intervene, on the other hand, one can speak of trial court (in charge of the preparatory proceedings for the trial) or sentencing court (they pass the sentence).

Another classification of the courts refers to courts of common jurisdiction and the courts of special jurisdiction, according to its area of ​​competence within the framework of current legislation.

In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore the existence of a colloquial expression that is used frequently and that includes the term that we are now analyzing. This is the adjectival phrase “guard court”. With it what is tried to express is that a fact or a comment is intolerable, scandalous and absolutely inadmissible.

An example of the use of that is the following phrase: “The bank manager’s statements that it was necessary to work more and earn less to get out of the crisis are from a guard court, both because of the misery many families experience and because he has been accused of tax fraud ”.

Curiously, it must be emphasized that one of the most significant television series of the 90s was entitled “Court of Guard”. A comedy was this one that recounted the peculiar situations that took place every night in a Manhattan courthouse.