The Relationship it’s a sentimental bond of romantic type that unites two people. Within what is understood by a couple relationship appear the engagement, the concubinage and the marriage.

A relationship can be formed by a man and one woman, for two men or by two women. For many years the marriage was limited to heterosexual couples; However, in recent times, several countries have approved the civil unions and the homosexual marriages. The registration and formalization of the couple relationship are very important since they have legal consequences and are key for adoption, registration in social works, distribution of assets, etc.


Marriage, cohabitation, and courtship are relationships as a couple.

Characteristics of a relationship

The characteristics of couple relationships depend on each culture and of the epoch. Today, it is common for couples to be engaged for several years before marrying or even to choose not to marry. Decades ago, on the other hand, living together without marriage used to be condemned on a social level.

Being in a couple, a person make a commitment to the other. One of the principles implicit in couples’ relationships in the Western world is the monogamy: each individual only has sexual relations with his partner. Violating monogamy is usually a breaking point.

In some cases, the members of the couple accept that the other has an active sexual life beyond courtship, concubinage or marriage. In this way, the couple’s relationship is classified as open and the concept of monogamy no longer makes sense.

Gay couple

In many countries, a homosexual relationship can be formalized through marriage or civil union.

Social expectations

One of the biggest problems in life in society for human beings is that we feel the pressure to start a relationship when we reach the adolescence, since everything around us seems to put us under this pressure. Our parents hope that in the future we will marry and have children, the media shows happy couples in spring landscapes, and our hormones do not help much in the struggle to understand what we really want to do.

The typical confusion of the adolescent years may be limited to the search for our sexual identity, something that is necessary for the growth psychological, but it is also possible that it causes us irreparable harm if we do not live in a healthy and tolerant environment. Human beings are not specialists in enjoying life, but we convert what for the rest of the species was a planet that could be balanced on a battlefield plagued with diseases and difficulties that should not exist.

The problems that arise from the bad decisions In the field of sentimental relationships, they range from heartbreak that is overcome over time to unwanted pregnancies that end up destroying the lives of mothers and children. In an ideal world, each person would be free to start a relationship whenever they wanted, with someone who really complements and respects her.

The enjoyment of a couple relationship

A healthy relationship can be very beneficial for a person, since it opens the doors to a series of experiences impossible to live in loneliness. Although it is not correct to generalize and it is true that some enjoy not sharing their life, others feel that in two everything is easier, everything is more enjoyable; for the latter, therefore, having their better half is an invaluable gift.

Continuing in this positive picture and free from the infectious burdens of the society, a couple relationship makes problems less heavy, since they are faced with the help of the other, and that pleasant moments are enhanced, because happiness has that particularity of growing if it is shared.