KnockKnock is the hitting action and effect, a verb that can refer to a physical or symbolic impact. For instance: “The pilot suffered a severe blow to the head and had to be hospitalized”, “The death of his father was a hard blow for the singer, who decided to suspend the world tour”.

The term, however, has various uses. A hit can be a surprise or something that causes admiration“The United States gave the blow by defeating Spain and taking away the undefeated”), a sharp and rapid movement (“I managed to avoid the dog with a blow of the steering wheel”) or a Stole (“The thieves who hit the bank last Christmas were arrested”).

The word blow also allows to form diverse concepts. A low blow It is the one that occurs below the waist and that is prohibited in boxing; in colloquial speech it is used to mark malicious action that violates the norms of social treatment. For instance: “The journalist, in a low blow, asked the candidate about his daughter’s illness”. A air blow it is a gust or a strong wind of short duration. A stroke of luck or stroke of fortune is an extraordinary event that happens without prior notice (“My aunt was walking down the street and, in a stroke of luck, she found an envelope full of money”). A heat stroke is a decompensation suffered by an individual as a result of a violent rise in the temperature of the environment. A hit of effect is an action that surprises the public: “The hit of the concert came with the unexpected presence of a mariachi trio”.

Violence in the coup

Possibly one of the first concepts that come to mind when we think of the term is that of coup because under it hundreds of lives are buried that have been taken away by an ideological divergence.

KnockThe objective of a coup d’état is, through a violent action by military forces or paramilitary groups, to seize the can and get hold of it government of a State.

It is a serious measure that has severe consequences on society. Starting with the mobilization of arms to achieve this end, a revolt is provoked that confronts armed groups of different ideological positions without laws to stop them and leads them to commit despicable damages: murders, kidnappings, deprivation of all freedoms, etc. …

A coup is a clear violation of current institutional legislation in a territory in the hands of a few, who consider that they can better carry out the task of governing than the institutions that currently do.

In order for it to be carried out, there must be an armed group that is against the opinions and decisions made by the government and that is organized to, by force, replace it with another that it considers more appropriate. In general, those who carry out these acts usually have control over strategic elements of the armed forces and they use the media, censorship, violence and extortion to spread their ideas and get a high number of followers.

Over time, countries have tried to find new ways of understanding politics and politics. national organization and their decisions have led to attempts to change governments in more peaceful ways, the referendum is one of the most used and one of the most efficient. In this way it is called competitive elections where the people choose the government that best represents the interests of the majority.