Cosmetology is a term that comes from French cosmetics, in turn derived from the Greek word kosmētós (which can be translated as “fixed up”). Its about art and the technique of the cosmetic product application.

CosmetologyAlso known as cosmetic, cosmetology is dedicated to the creation and use of substances that help to beautify the face and / or body. Since cosmetics contribute to the skin and hair care, cosmetology can be placed in the group of Health Sciences.

The medicine, the pharmacy, the chemistry and other specialties are linked to cosmetology. Generally this area appeals to mixtures of compounds to fulfill its purpose; These compounds can be synthetic or obtained from natural resources.

It is important to note that cosmetology products allow clean or modify the appearance of the person, but without altering the functions or the body structure. These are the elements that are colloquially known as makeups.

Cosmetology experts have knowledge of the physiology and the anatomy of the human being. They also know how the active principles of different substances and learn methods for the development of multiple treatments.

It is common for cosmetology services to be provided in Beauty salons, spas Y hairdressers, for instance. When the disorder goes beyond aesthetics and the individual suffers a disease of the skin, you should see a specialist in dermatology, which is a branch of medicine focused on these issues.