The Greek is where the etymological origin of the word is found, which we are now going to analyze in depth. It is about the cosmetic term, which emanates specifically from the sum of the noun cosmos, which can be translated as “beauty and order”, and from the suffix –ico, which is equivalent to “relative to”.

The cosmetics are products used for beauty or hygiene of the body. It is common to use as a synonym the notion of makeup, which is the artificial compound that is applied to the face to adapt it to the illumination, hide imperfections or achieve a certain characterization.

CosmeticsArcheology has found evidence of the use of cosmetics in the Ancient Egypt, about the year 4,000 BC. It is believed that the first cosmetics were moisturizing oils that were used as protection against the sun’s rays.

An anonymous text from century XVIFor its part, it is the oldest written document that includes recommendations on the manufacture and use of cosmetics. However, until the first decades of twentieth century, cosmetics were considered vulgar and were only used by prostitutes or actors.

Currently most of the women use cosmetics and even the number of mens who uses them is growing. Among the different types of cosmetics, we can mention bases (which offers a smoother appearance to the skin), shadows and eyeliners (to develop a deeper look) and lipstick (which allows to thicken the lips).

The number of men who opt for the use of cosmetics such as perfumes, anti-wrinkle creams or hair products has grown so much that this has led to the emergence of the term metrosexual. This is a word that is used colloquially to refer to all those men who feel great concern for their image, which leads them to use a large number of aesthetic articles such as those mentioned.

It is also important to establish that in recent years, another important trend that has taken place is the growth in the number of products of this type that are committed to being made from elements of natural origin. And it is considered that precisely these provide a large number of benefits without harming our health and also without damaging the environment.

Thus, for example, we would have to emphasize the production of cosmetics with plants such as red fir, chicory, algae, poppy or acacia, among many others.

Currently many are the industries specialized in cosmetics. However, among them those with the most weight and relevance at the international level, both in terms of sales volume and innovation, are Max Factor or Elizabeth Arden.

Typically, cosmetics are used to achieve a more youthful appearance. People with scars or blow marks also use them to hide wounds, while actors use cosmetics and makeup to characterize themselves according to the character.

The cosmetic, in another sense, is something accessory or unimportant. For instance: “The measures announced by the government are only cosmetic solutions, which do not fix the main problem”.