Cooktop is a term that derives from Hispanic Arabic annáfiẖ, in turn from classical Arabic nāfiẖ (which translates as “blower”). A stove is a oven from small size which is usually laptop: that is, it can be moved.

CooktopAt a general level, it is called a stove any stove that can be used to heat, cook, toast or melt. At present, however, the concept is mainly associated with the stove intended for cooking food or heat the food.

There are different models of cooktops. For home use, it is common for it to be a electrical device. Many people Those who live in small houses or who do not tend to cook too much choose this type of stove and use it instead of conventional ovens.

There are also anafes that carry some fuel (such as alcohol, gasoline, or liquefied gas) to light a burner. On the burner they have a support that allows to support the container where the food is placed. These cooktops are used in camping, excursions and similar outdoor activities.

It should be noted that modern anafes have their historical antecedent in the arabic stoves that Muslims introduced to the European continent with the invasions of 8th century. These anafes o anafres, which in turn are linked to objects in the Ancient Greece and the Roman empireThey were made with clay and contained embers that allowed to heat pots or pans.

The anafes had a base flat and with handles to facilitate its transfer and handling. In addition, they often had a side opening or mouth.