TO that which conditions it is rated as conditioner. The verb condition, meanwhile, refers to provide a certain condition; to prepare something or someone; or climatize.

ConditionerThe term has several uses such as noun. A conditioner, in this sense, can be a cosmetic product that is applied to the hair to soften it and to make styling easier.

The hair conditioner, also know as conditioner, is usually applied after washing the head. Due to its components, it generates a change in the appearance of the hair, even affecting its texture.

It is called conditioner, on the other hand, to the machine used for air conditioning of a site. These devices are used for the treatment of air, in such a way that they can modify the environmental conditions.

The air conditioner or air conditioning equipment It is usually used to promote the cooling of a bedroom. In general, they can also achieve the opposite effect (that is, heat the place) or affect the level of ambient humidity.

It is also called a conditioner when electronic circuit that allows altering the characteristics of an electrical signal, according to what is indicated in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE).

The idea conditioner, finally, appears in the field of the packaging. The conditioner is the part that contributes to immobilize or protect the product being packed.

These conditioners can be plastic, cardboard or other material. Its purpose is to prevent the product moves inside the packaging or bumps against other elements.