It is called command to power or to domain that a superior holds with respect to his subordinates or subjects. By extension, the individual or group that has the control is mentioned as command. authority.

CommandFor instance: “The team is once again under the command of its head coach, already recovered from an illness”, “By decision of the president, the Minister of Security was in command of the operation”, “The truth is that I do not know who is in charge of the company at the moment”.

In addition to the synonyms for command, there are other words that can be used as such. We are referring to faculty, power, jurisdiction, government, leadership, superiority, empire, lordship and even empire.

Be in command of something, in short, implies having the ability and permission to direct and give orders. The command is associated with can: whoever is in command can impose their positions or decisions, although generally within the framework of some type of regulation or legal order.

The coronavirus crisis has given rise to a new concept: a single command. This has been used to refer, in countries like Spain, to the fact that the aforementioned pandemic was controlled and managed at all levels by a single power: that of the state government. Thus, this has been the one that has established both the state of alarm and the measures that have restricted the departure of people from their homes or the use of the mask, among other things.

The expression chain of command, on the other hand, refers to the transmission system of information that characterizes organizations that have a hierarchical structure. This implies that the orders start from the tip of the pyramid organizational until reaching the base. The reverse route is only carried out by the information that the very tip of the pyramid demands.

In the field of electronics, it is known as command to the device used to start, regulate or interrupt the operation of a machine or mechanism. The control, therefore, is the most important component of a control unit.

Specifically, in relation to this type of command we have to establish that there is a classification of it that is made up of five different classes: command by time program, command with maintenance element, command by travel program, variable command and control by sequential program.

The remote control or remote control, meanwhile, it is an artifact that serves to remotely operate a machine, while a console control or joystick It is the peripheral used to control the actions of a video game.

In the same way, we cannot ignore that Casa Mando is the name of a prestigious restaurant located in the city of León (Spain). Its menu is based on what are traditional products of the land such as leeks, jerky, cured tongue, homemade slaughter mincemeat or spicy chorizo.

Likewise, it should be noted that command can also be found as a surname. A good example of this is the Canadian actor Michael Mando (1981), who is known for his roles in the series “AMC” and “Orphan Black”.