A coffee maker it’s a device or container used to serve or brew coffee. Is named coffee, meanwhile, at drink that is obtained through infusion of the roasted and ground seed of the tree called coffee tree.

Coffee makerWhat machine, the coffee machine may have different characteristics. The most popular is percolator whose operation requires the use of electric power: these coffee machines have a tank where the water is heated and then passes to a sector that contains the ground coffee on a filter. As the hot water passes through the ground coffee, the infusion is obtained drop by drop and falls into a glass jug, usually located on an electric base that allows it to be kept warm.

The piston coffee maker or plunger coffee maker it’s more simple. In this case, the ground coffee is placed in a filter, where hot water must be poured. After waiting for four minutes, compression is carried out with the help of the piston to produce the infusion.

The espresso maker, also known as espresso machine or espresso machine, pressurize by steam hot water, which runs through the ground and pressed coffee. Similar operation has the mocha or Italian coffee maker.

It is important to note that the coffee pot concept has other uses. What adjective, coffee maker and coffee maker allow to name those related to coffee in general; the individual who regularly drinks coffee; to the person who works in a coffee plantation; the coffee vendor in public spaces; and the owner of a cafeteria.