Cloudy It is a concept that comes from the Latin word turbĭdus. It’s about a adjective that can be used to rate something that does not exhibit transparency, purity, or clarity.

CloudyFor instance: “Better not drink water from the tap: it comes out cloudy”, “A cloudy liquid was thrown at me from that window”, “I think my cousin is involved in a shady affair”.

The concept is used in both a physical and a symbolic sense. Suppose, with a bottle, a person collects water from a stream. When looking at the contents of the container, you notice that the water is not clear, but rather exhibits a brown tone. The stream water, therefore, is cloudy: some kind of dirt has taken away its traditional hue. In this case, the adjective is linked to a physical change in the liquid.

When it is said that a subject participates in a business or a cloudy event, the expression refers to the fact that the legality of the question is in doubt. Suppose that a street vendor of flowers suddenly begins to drive in a luxury car and wear very expensive clothes. He also moves into a mansion and goes on trips frequently. Many may think that this individual is on to something shady since his new standard of living does not match his traditional occupation.

Within the scope of literature we have to underline the existence of several publications that use the term at hand in their titles. This would be the case, for example, of “History of a cloudy love” that was published in 2008 by the writer Horacio Quiroga. As its own title predicts, it revolves around the relationship or flirtation, as we want to call it, that a young man named Rohán maintains with two sisters. A love triangle that will soon have its consequences.

We also have to state that there is a Galician broth known as cloudy wine, which is made using traditional procedures in the province of Orense. It is a white and acidic product to a certain extent that in recent years has become a highly demanded drink both by Galicians themselves and by tourists. It is taken very cold, has an economical price and is considered to be ideal as an aperitif or to accompany shellfish and fish.

On Argentina, Turbio River is the name of a town which is in the province of Santa Cruz. Located on the border with chili, has just under 9,000 inhabitants according to data from a census carried out in 2010.

The town takes its name from Turbio River, a watercourse that runs through the region southwest of Santa Cruz and whose basin houses an important coal deposit.

In the south-west area of ​​the province of Santa Cruz (Argentine Republic) is where the mentioned river is located, which has a length of about 90 kilometers. Its waters are dark gray, its depth is approximately 50 centimeters and its maximum channel width is 5 meters.

In addition to all the above it is worth adding that it is born in what is the Andes mountain range and that it comes to travel a famous valley called San José. We say that it is known because it has the peculiarity of having glacial origin.