The etymology of chocolate it is usually a matter of debate. The concept is usually linked to the Nahuatl word xocoatl, which is formed with xoco (translatable as “bitter”) Y atl (namely, “Water”).

ChocolateChocolate is called pasta that is made with cocoa What principal ingredient. Their preparation also usually includes sugar, vanilla and other elements.

Before moving on, it is important to mention that cocoa is a native tree of the American continent. To make chocolate, their fruit, or more precisely their seeds.

The production process of chocolate contemplates the use of ground seeds, which form the call cocoa mass. To get the White chocolate, the cocoa butter: a grease edible that is generated by pressing the cocoa mass.

The origins of chocolate are found in Mesoamerica, where pre-Columbian peoples resorted to cocoa to prepare a drink for medicinal and ritual use. Other foods were also produced with cocoa. The seeds were even used as currency.

Through the voyages of the conquerors, chocolate came to Europe. Of the use as medicine then he switched to consumption related to pleasure.

Today chocolate is a candy and one raw material used to create chocolates, cakes (cakes), ice creams and other products. The chocolate in cup or to the cupMeanwhile, it is the drink that is achieved by dissolving chocolate and cornstarch in milk. The powdered chocolateFinally, it is used to prepare chocolate milk.