The concept of children’s Theater can refer to different ideas. On the one hand, children’s theater encompasses those works written with the kids What recipients: that is, they aspire to be seen by children.

Children's TheaterChildren’s theater, on the other hand, mentions dramaturgical texts that are created or performed by teens or children. A group of children, in this sense, can create and represent their own works, becoming exponents of this kind of children’s theater.

Regarding children’s theater, which has children as potential recipients of the proposals, it develops in two different ways. The most common is the one known as children’s theater by internalization, with an adult writing the plays according to what you think a child may be interested in. For this, the writer must take into account the age of the children whom he aims to captivate since the contents have to be linked to the intellectual and emotional maturity of the viewer.

The children’s theater by appropriationInstead, it appears when children adopt works that, in principle, were not intended for them. These are works designed for the general public but which, for certain features, they end up catching the little ones.

At a general level, it can be said that children’s theater bets on cartoonish characters, colorful costumes and musical components (songs, choreographies of dance, etc.). Many times the works have a moral for viewers to acquire or develop certain values ​​that are considered positive.

In some cities of the world there is a clear commitment to offering their smaller neighbors a great offer in terms of children’s theater. And it is considered that it is the way that they learn, that they have fun and, above all, that from an early age they begin to enjoy cultural activity in general.

This would be the case, for example, of Malaga, which opts because some of its publicly owned theaters are basically focused on having a program dedicated to children, such as the famous Cánovas Theater.

In the same way, we cannot ignore a Spanish initiative that has also become a worldwide benchmark in children’s theater. We are referring to the Titirimundi contest, which takes place in the city of Segovia.

This event was created in 1985 and since then it has been running with great success in the Castilian-Leon city. This project is specifically focused on the world of puppet theater, which every year offers a program where the best companies in the sector have a place in order to make both children and adults enjoy enormously. The streets and squares of the city are those that become improvised stages of the different shows that for several days fill them with magic, fantasy, humor, imagination and creativity. Specifically, as a general rule, this international festival usually takes place during the month of May.