MaintenanceThe notion of maintenance alludes to act and result of maintaining or maintaining. East verb (to maintain), meanwhile, has several meanings: in this case we are interested in focusing on the action of providing an individual with the means necessary for their subsistence.

Maintenance, therefore, consists of financially support someone or something. The support person provides the resources so that the subject or the entity are able to survive.

A father, for example, must take care of the support of his sons. This means that the parent has the obligation to ensure that their descendants eat properly, receive an education that provides them with tools for the future, live in an environment of love and protection, and so on.

The characteristics and scope of maintenance depend on each legislation. The laws establish how each parent has to resolve this issue and ensure support.

After a separation and its consequent divorce, parents must go through a very delicate stage in which to organize the maintenance of minor children. First of all, we must point out that the limit of age to receive it is not the same in all countries, although usually not over eighteen years old.

In an ideal family, where despite the breakup of the couple, the parents do not put their own relationship problems before the Health and the happiness of your children, resolving issues related to support is not that difficult, despite the fact that it involves a series of procedures of varying complexity. However, conflict situations are more common, in which children always lose out.

MaintenanceMoney has always been a source of trouble throughout history, and sadly it is also in this context. There are many cases of parents who try to evade their responsibility to support their children financially after a divorce because they do not consider the terms of maintenance.

Take the case of support of a non-governmental organization dedicated to caring for the environment. It is an association formed by activists who carry out days of cleaning public spaces and awareness campaigns to minimize pollution. To cover the expenses, the members of the NGO ask for donations from the neighbors and organize raffles with prizes that are contributed by various Business. In addition, the entity receives a subsidy from the government. In this way, the maintenance is possible by the collaboration of the people and by the state contribution. This money is totally used to cover the expenses, since the members of the group do not get paid and the NGO does not seek profit.

Many times we confuse the meaning of the word maintenance with that of maintenance, especially when used in reference to a company or organization. However, their definitions are different. While the maintenance of a company is linked to the supply, storage and handling of spare parts, pieces and merchandise for later use, maintenance is a series of tasks and measures that seek to prevent or correct problems in the operation of machinery, among others. possibilities.

When we talk about caring for a person we do not say maintenance, otherwise maintenance. We make this distinction intuitively, although we do not know how to define each term in depth, simply because in everyday speech they are never interchanged in this context. However, if we refer to their respective etymologies, we note that they share two of their lexical components, although with certain differences: both begin with manu (“hand”); continue with i will have, a verb that for maintenance is translated as «to keep, defend»While for maintenance, such as« master, retain »; maintenance also ends with the suffix -ment, which indicates “medium or instrument.”