Chest of drawers it is a term with several uses. The concept may refer to a piece of furniture whose structure is composed of drawers.

Chest of drawersIt should be noted that a drawer is a container that, in a comfortable, a closet, etc., is inserted into a specific hole and is removed from it. The drawers are used to store all kinds of items.

Returning to the idea of ​​a chest of drawers, it is a piece of furniture made up exclusively of drawers. In this way, it lacks doors and shelves, although the surface of its upper part can be used as a table.

The usual thing is that the drawers have a simple frame to contain the drawers. They are often legless, although some Models they have small legs.

The drawers can be located in all rooms of the home. In the bedroomsFor example, drawers are used to store clothes. In a kitchen, the chest of drawers is usually used for storing cutlery, tablecloths, napkins, cloths or rags.

While there are drawers that are installed in any part of the room (usually next to a wall), others are placed in the inside the closet or closet. They are also frequently used in housing sectors that are difficult to take advantage of, such as below the ladders.

It should be noted that the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) recognizes other uses of the notion. A chest of drawers, in this way, can be a planter (an installation to put ornamental plants); a type of drawer that is part of the desks and where students keep their books; or a structure that protects the seedbeds, to mention a few possibilities.