A graphic is a representation by means of lines and that belonging to or relating to the writing Yet the printing. A newspaper and a magazine are print media, for example.

Within the sphere of the media we have to emphasize that there is also the concept of graphic report. It is a term that is used to refer to the set of photographs that a professional has taken of any publication and that serves to broadly and accurately illustrate a specific event or fact that has taken place.

In this way, for example, it is common that when the Oscar Awards are held, the publications that cover the event present on their pages an extensive graphic report with snapshots of the actors’ arrivals at the event, the collection of the most significant awards or speeches.


Magazines are graphic media.

The graph as representation

The concept comes from Latin graphĭcus, although it has Greek origin. When applied to a description, an operation or a demonstration, it is what is represented through figures or signs.

A graph is also the representation of numeric data using one or more lines that make the relationship between the data visible: “In this graph we can see how the sales of our product grow in the winter and contract in the summer”, “The manager asked me for a graph with the expenses of the advertising campaign and the sales of the month”.

Classification according to type

Starting from that meaning of graph as a representation of data, we have to underline the fact that there are different types of these graphs. Thus, we can classify them in a general way into the following groups:

Bar graphic. Vertical bars are the ones used in this case to act as a data representation mechanism. Normally that is used to show the evolution of something like the percentages of a total.

Pie chart. It is one that is used to see the parts of a whole and, as its name indicates, it is presented in the form of a circle divided into several segments.


Charts allow you to represent numerical values.

Line graph. This is supported by Cartesian axes, which is usually used when you want to make the series known in time.

Pictogram. It is based on symbols and images.

Histogram. The rectangles are the protagonists of this type of graph that is used to represent what are intervals within a grouping.

Graphic in computing and as a way of speaking

On computing, is known as graphics to the images generated by computer. The designs used in video games are considered as graphics: “The graphics of Pro Evolution Soccer are so real that they surprise anyone”.

Used as an adjective and applied to a manner of speaking, the term graphic refers to what is clearly exposed: “The president was very graphic when explaining the severity of the crisis”, “The operation is risky, but I can’t be so graphic with children”.

An emblematic magazine

Finally, we can mention that The graphic is an Argentine sports magazine founded in 1919 which was distributed on a weekly and monthly basis and then went virtual.

With the rise of the daily sports press and the emergence of Internet, the magazine put aside hard information to focus on reporting and analysis.