The term charger can be used as adjective or as noun. In the first case, it is used to rate that or that which carries.

Cargo, in turn, is the act and result of loading. This verb (to load) has multiple meanings, being able to allude to placing a weight about something or someone; to insert a cartridge or charge into a chamber or barrel; to increase the weight of a thing; to provide electrical energy to an object; to set a lien; or to save in the memory of a computing device, for example.

Phone charging

The charger makes it possible to supply electrical power to a phone battery.

People who load

According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), can be named as loader by individual who develops different tasks related to the action of loading. There are shippers in the field of transport and in the military field, among others.

A shipper can be the one who is dedicated to loading the goods that must be transported. The man who drives loadsMeanwhile, it is also known as a charger.

Whoever loads the weapons in a day of hunting and the one who places the charge on an artillery piece are other subjects that can be mentioned as chargers.


The individual who mobilizes or transports a load is called a loader.

The charger and electricity

Currently one of the most common meanings of the charger concept refers to the device used to supply an electrical current to a battery or cell. In this way, it allows batteries and rechargeable cells to recover the Energy that they had consumed with use.

There are different types of chargers. The simplest work by making it possible to passage of a direct current to the battery. The maintenance chargerInstead, it charges at the self-discharge rate of the battery, being slower but favoring the maintenance of the full charge.

The smart chargers (who analyze the state battery), timer chargers (that slow down the load after a certain amount of time) and the universal chargers (capable of adapting the charge according to the capacity and voltage of the battery) are other kinds of chargers.

Cellular or mobile phones; tablets or tablets; laptops (notebooks, netbooks); and digital cameras are some of the products that require chargers for their operation due to the energy consumption of their batteries.

Use in firearms

To the object that is used to storing ammunition from a firearm it is called a charger. Depending on the weapon, it can be a removable unit or be integrated into the structure.

The charger is a kind of case that has a spring. So you can move the cartridges and place them in the bedroom.

There are magazines that hold a few rounds and others that can hold hundreds of rounds. In terms of their shape, they can be comb-type chargers, ribbons, drum and others.

The importance of the loader in an operating system

The OS It is the most important software in a computer system as it is responsible for providing services to the rest of the programs and managing the hardware. To the part of the operating system in charge of loading programs from an executable file it is called a charger.

The loader usually integrates the kernel of the operating system. It is activated when the system it turns on and remains in memory until it is turned off or restarted.