In order to fully understand the meaning of the term central idea that we now have ahead of us, it is necessary, previously, to undertake the determination of its etymological origin. To do this, you have to see where the two words that make it up come from:
• Idea, comes from the Greek word “idea”, which can be translated as “form”.
• Central, for its part, emanates from Latin and is made up of two clearly delimited components: the noun “centrum”, which is synonymous with “center”, and the suffix “-al”, which is used to indicate that something is “relative to”.

It is considered that a idea is he first of the acts of understanding, limiting itself to the simple knowledge of something. An idea, therefore, is a mental image of an object or the rational knowledge that is generated from the natural conditions of the understanding.

Central ideaThe notion of central, on the other hand, it has various uses. It can be about the space where coordinated actions converge and what is the basics or essentials of something.

The central idea, therefore, is the most important content of a construction site, a proposal, a draft, etc. Without that central idea, the work would not be understood or would lose its value. For example: “The central idea of ​​Little Red Riding Hood is that you should not disobey your parents”, “I liked the movie, but I don’t agree with its central idea”, “Mr. Candidate, people want to know what is the central idea of ​​your proposal to reduce unemployment levels”, “My central idea is to tear down this wall and enlarge the living room”.

When you want to determine the central idea of ​​a text in question, it is important to be clear about the steps to be carried out. Specifically, these are:
• You have to read each paragraph, section or chapter of the document, which has to be analyzed and regarding that part ask yourself questions such as the following: “What does it say? or how does what is expressed fit with the rest of it?
• It is important to write down all the answers you get from each paragraph or section. In this sense, the best thing to do is to write a sentence for each of these parts.
• Once the entire text in question has been read and the “summary” sentences for each part have been noted, proceed to analyze them and see them as a set.
• From there, having thoroughly read all the statements written on the paper, a conclusion will be drawn, that is, the central idea of ​​the document will be obtained.

It can be said that the central idea is the most relevant of a text or other manifestation of thought. If we take the specific case of texts, we will notice that they are composed of various thoughts or ideas. Many of these ideas are high schools or accessory: They help to create context and reinforce what is essential, but they can be dispensed with without altering the meaning of the text. The central idea, on the other hand, is the base that the author supports and that allows him to tell what he wants.