The term cellulitis is made up of the noun cell (the minimum unit with independent reproduction capacity that constitutes a living being) and the suffix –Itis (referring to a inflammation). The concept is used in the field of medicine to refer to a swelling in the connective tissue immediately under the skin.

CellulitisBefore moving on, it is important to mention that the conjunctive tissue It is formed with cells of different appearances and by a homogeneous matter crossed by fibers of collagen and of another kind.

Cellulite, in this framework, means that the subcutaneous connective tissue becomes inflamed. This is due to a bacterial infection which can sometimes even reach the muscle. Cellulite is usually caused by bacteria streptococcus Y staphylococcus.

It should be noted that it is normal for bacteria to reside on the skin healthy. If a rupture occurs, these bacteria can cause an infection and therefore cellulitis.

There is another meaning of the notion of cellulite, associated with a aesthetic problem. In this case, cellulite is the accumulation of grease in subcutaneous areas, which causes the skin to become rough and present bumps or small wells.

The women they are more likely to develop cellulite than men. Hormonal issues, genetics, muscle tone and being overweight are some of the reasons that can favor the appearance of cellulite.

Cellulite treatments usually offer temporary results and sometimes have side effects. Radio frequency, acoustic waves, To be Y surgery are among the options for treating this disorder.