Catamaran is a term that comes from English catamaran, in turn derived from the word of the Tamil language kaṭṭumaram (which can be translated as “Tied wood”). This is how a raft made with logs used by aborigines from the India.

Currently, the concept is used to refer to a boat featuring two joined hulls. These helmets They are the same size and are parallel to provide stability to the ship.


The catamaran is characterized by having two hulls.

The history of these boats

It is believed that, in the prehistory, there were towns that already used double-hulled canoes in the area of ​​the Polynesia. Closer in time, at the end of XVII century, was the English navigator William Dampier who described the catamarans he observed in the gulf of bengal.

The dinasty Hello, which had a great can in the south of the India, he resorted to this type of boat for the transfer of his soldiers. Thanks to the catamarans, he was able to make forays into Southeast Asia and conquer various regions.

The catamaran today

With the passage of time, catamarans evolved and today they are used for different purposes. At a general level, it can be said that it is light ships, without ballast and generally of shallow draft, which can be propelled by engines or candles.

Its double keel makes it stable and its design allows to reduce the list (the incline that occurs when moving away from the vertical). Another characteristic of the catamaran is its low roll, which reduces the dizziness of passengers and crew.

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Many catamarans are used as yachts.

A boat with multiple uses

Today catamarans are used in different ways. They are commonly used as yachts or recreation ships. There’s also Business what are you offering sightseeing tours on catamarans.

Another use of the catamaran is given as spacecraft or ferri. In these cases, the catamaran is used to join two points, transporting vehicles and passengers.

Catamarans can even be used for help or supply of other vessels and used for the development of fishing activities.

Catamaran rides

Let’s see an example of the use of catamarans. In the province of Buenos Aires (Argentina) is the mouth of the delta of the Paraná river, an area of ​​great attraction for the sightseeing. There visitors can ride a catamaran to enjoy the natural beauties.

These catamarans have fixed departure times and follow a pre-established itinerary. In this way, people who acquire their passage They already know how long the tour will last and what places they will be able to appreciate during navigation.

The catamarans that navigate the delta of the Paraná river They have a variable capacity: some carry less than a hundred passengers and others, two hundred. Some companies offer lunch and more services on board.

On the island of Majorca (Spain) You can also hire catamaran excursions. One of these tourist boats is the catamaran Oasis, with capacity for 57 passengers and a crew of three people. The Oasis It is powered by two motors and has a roof in two heights with a solarium, bar Pub other amenities.