It is known as distribution to the act and consequence of distributing. This verb describes the distributing a certain thing in different places or dividing it into several parts. For instance: “The supplier just called to say they are late with the delivery”, “I think that the distribution of food that Román has made is not fair”, “The distribution of the newspaper began about two hours ago”.

DistributionAs can be seen from its definition, the notion of distribution can be associated with the concept of distribution. In the field of economy and the Commerce, the cast is based on the delivery of merchandise or products to the final consumer or to a company. A person who is subscribed to a monthly magazine receives each issue at home thanks to the distribution of said publication. A supermarket that sells bread but does not make it needs the delivery from the bakery to be able to offer said product to its customers.

The cast can also be about the division of something to offer its fragments to multiple recipients or take them to different places. The distribution of a cake implies its division into portions, while the distribution of wealth implies its distribution among all the inhabitants.

In this case, starting from the meaning of division, we have to emphasize that it is often spoken of distribution to refer, for example, to the equitable distribution that thieves carry out with their loot. But it is also used to determine the participation of the assets that a deceased has left among their legitimate heirs.

However, we cannot forget that there are several Latin American countries where the term in question has a different meaning than all those raised so far. Thus, for example, in Cuba the aforementioned word is used to refer to a residential-type neighborhood.

Meanwhile, in Nicaragua and El Salvador, on the other hand, it is also called distribution to all that land that is divided and delimited with the clear objective that new houses are built there.

In the field of social Security, by distribution is understood to be the method based on the idea of ​​solidarity insurance that, based on the mandatory contributions made by working citizens, has a capital to pay the retirements and pensions of retired workers.

Cast is also the relationship between characters and between actors who carry out a theatrical, television or film work: “The cast of the film is excellent”, “I would like to be part of the cast of a Greek tragedy”.

In the same way, we find the fact that within the scope of interpretation, cast is also used to define a specific type of interpreter within artistic production. Thus, when speaking of a supporting actor or actress, reference is made to the one who develops secondary roles and not protagonists.

An important weight that these interpreters also have, despite not being the central axes, who also see their work rewarded at the level of recognition. In this way, for example, the famous Goya Awards, film awards in Spain, also establish the corresponding award for both supporting actors and supporting actresses.