Carrasco it is a term with several uses. It can be a noun in common use with different meanings or a proper noun that identifies several places and people.

The first meaning of carrasco that mentions the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in your dictionary refers to a holm oak: a Holm oak small in size or a bush of this plant.

Holm oak

A small holm oak is called carrasco or holm oak.

Holm oaks are trees of the family group of the Fagaceae. Also know as short or short, Aleppo is evergreen as it has foliage in all seasons of the year.

The acorn It is the fruit of the Aleppo. It can be used for human consumption after a process to remove the tannins or used to feed wild boars and pigs. The wood del carrasco, on the other hand, stands out for its hardness and is used as firewood.

Aleppo pine

Is called Aleppo pine, carrasqueño pine, pincarrasco or pincarrasca to a type of Pine tree that grows in arid soils of the Mediterranean coast. With a solid trunk, an irregularly shaped crown and elongated leaves, its height can be around 25 meters.

It is usual that it is reforested with Aleppo pine since this species helps to combat the erosion, being valuable to conserve the soil. The Aleppo pine wood, meanwhile, is used at an industrial level to produce cellulose.

The pineapples of the Aleppo pine have a tonality cinnamon. Inside it houses small pinions.


The Aleppo pine can measure about 25 meters.

Provinces, localities and neighborhoods

Carrasco it’s a Name that share different parts of the world. In Uruguay, Carrasco is the name of a neighborhood of Montevideo which is called in this way in homage to a pioneer of the area: Salvador Sebastian Carrasco, ancestor of Jose Gervasio Artigas.

The Carrasco International Airport It is the most important airport terminal in the Uruguayan territory. It is located in the Department of cannelloni, about 20 kilometers from Montevideo, and operates flights of more than a dozen airlines.

Also in Uruguay is found Carrasco Pass, a city of cannelloni. Through this department and Montevideo, on the other hand, flows the Carrasco stream.

In Bolivia appears the province of Jose Carrasco. Located in the department of Cochabamba, has more than 135,000 inhabitants and has Cattail What capital.

Spain is another one country that presents an administrative division called Carrasco. In this case, it is a small town in the province of Salamanca (autonomous community of Castile and Leon).

Carrasco, a common surname

Various public figures, in different nations, are surnamed Carrasco. On the ground of soccer, for example, we can find the Belgian Yannick Carrasco (who participated in the 2018 World Cup with his team) and the former player and current Uruguayan coach Juan Ramon Carrasco.

In Argentina, finally, Omar carrasco was a conscript killed in 1994. Carrasco He was 20 years old when he was assigned to Artillery Group 161 in the Neuquén town of Zapala to fulfill compulsory military service. There he died from the blows that two companions gave him on the orders of a second lieutenant. After this episode that remained in the history As the Carrasco case, the compulsory military service in the country was abolished.