The candy It is a preparation that is obtained by melt sugar. The cooking of the sugar causes that, in the first instance, that substance becomes liquid; then, if it cools, the caramel will solidifies.

CandyWhen the sugar that is brought to the fire is added Water, is obtained syrup. Both caramel and syrup are used in many recipes.

The usual thing is that the caramel is used to make pastry products Y desserts. It’s taste candy and its aroma are very pleasant for most of the people.

Take the case of flan. This dessert is made by mixing egg; milk flavored with lemon peel, cinnamon or vanilla essence; and sugar. This mixture is poured into a mold bathed in caramel and then it must be cooked in a water bath. Once the mixture has set, the mold is inverted so that the caramel falls and covers the flan.

Also called caramel is a candy that is made with melted and solidified sugar. In general, this product, in addition to caramel, includes fruit essences or other ingredients that give it aroma and flavor.

As a candy, caramel is usually small in size, so it can be eaten in one bite. Although children are the largest consumers of candy, many Adults they also tend to enjoy them.

The candies contain few nutrients, can contribute to increase cholesterol and gain weight and favor the development of the oral disease known as cavities. That is why doctors recommend that its consumption be moderate.