TopA top is an element that allows to close some type of container or container. For instance: “I can’t find the lid of the jam jar … can you help me find it?”, “Be careful when moving the toys: that box does not have a lid”, “The bottle cap prevents gas from being lost”.

The lids fulfill various functions. They can serve so that what is stored in a container do not fall or don’t get lost. They also help keep it clean, preventing dust or dirt from entering the container.

Tapa, on the other hand, is the name given to the cover of a book. Each bound work, in this way, has two covers: the top (the front cover) and the so-called back cover (the cover that appears on the back of the book): “The new book of the French novelist generated a great controversy since it shows a beheaded man on the cover”, “The cover of my collection of poems was illustrated by a Chilean artist”, “I like to choose the books that I buy according to the covers”.

The idea of ​​a cover also appears in the field of gastronomy. On Spain, the reduced portion of various food offered as an aperitif. The activity that consists of visiting one or more restaurants to eat tapas is known as “Go for tapas” or “Tapas”.

It is worth mentioning that this custom of going for tapas is very common in Spain, so much so that in several of its regions it can be used instead of the more traditional outing, normal in other countries, which consists of going to a particular establishment for lunch. or have dinner dishes complete and abundant. In general, tapas means stopping in more than one placeIn other words, it is not a well-defined outing but rather a relatively spontaneous activity, open to last minute changes.

TopBut the Spanish tapa is not only enjoyed by the common citizen as part of their leisure outings, but it has also become part of the country’s identity and is offered even at high-level receptions. To cite a very graphic example of the scope that this customDuring a visit to Spain by Raísa Maksímovna Gorbachova, wife of the former president of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev, the mayor of Madrid and Queen Sofía invited her to a banquet in which the cover was one of the main elements.

Always in the same context of gastronomy, it is known as miniature kitchen precisely to the culinary branch that specializes in dishes such as tapas, montaditos, pinchos, banderillas and snacks, among others, but facing them as if they were part of the high kitchen room. The well-known chef Ferran Adrià, highly acclaimed in his country, has managed to merge the concept of tapas with the world of haute cuisine, and uses it to prepare his starter dishes.

Regarding the etymology of the word “lid” in this case, there are those who argue that this particular use is linked to the custom of covering glasses with slices of bread or cold cuts to prevent insects from getting inside. usually haunt the dishes of meal, such as flies, and also to protect drinks from dust particles floating in the environment.

The action of “going for tapas” also receives other names, depending on the geographical location: in Aragon and Navarra it is spoken of “Alifara”, while in the Basque Country it is called “poteo”.

At basketball or basketball, a lid is a blocking performed by a player to prevent the opponent from scoring. The term, depending on the country, may be known as plug or Cap.