The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) recognizes various definitions of the term campus. The first meaning mentioned considers the campus as a hatchery from plants.

SquadIn everyday language, it is more common for a campus to be a set of people with some common feature (as an activity or a profession). For example: “This company became great thanks to its excellent team of salespeople”, “The staff of doctors at this hospital did the impossible to save all the victims”, “I am proud of the staff of educators we have at this school.”.

Taking this meaning into account, we would have to emphasize that campus is a term that is widely used within the entertainment world. Thus, for example, it is usual that when a play is presented, special emphasis is placed on the cast of actors who participate, who will give it quality and who will make many people decide to go to see it.

In the same way, that happens in the cinematographic realm. And it is frequent that a good roster of actors becomes the main claim so that the public decides to go to the rooms to see it. Thus, for example, it has happened with films such as “Ocean Eleven”, which took many people to the cinema because it was starring some of the most important actors of the moment such as George Clooney, Brad Pitt or Matt Damon.

A campus, therefore, is the personal you have a institution or one entity. In several Latin American countries, the term is used especially to name the set of members of a sports team: “The team of the Club Atlético San Vicente announced that it will not train until the wages owed are paid.”, “The coach thanked the squad but assured that his resignation is indeclinable”, “The technical director will travel to Europe with the squad”.

At the sporting level, the squad is made up of the all the players belonging to the institution, regardless of whether they play or not. A staff of a club football You can count, for example, with 30 players, of which 16 are part of the team that takes the field in a match and only 11 act as starters or initials.

In this case, for its part, it is usual that at the beginning of each season there is a renewal of the squad. And it is that the clubs want to achieve the highest number of victories so they resort to “selling” to the players who no longer interest them and proceed to “buy” others that they consider can make the squad have much more quality and, for Therefore, be more competitive.

However, we cannot forget that campus is a term that has another meaning in certain countries such as Mexico or El Salvador. In his case, in both it is also used as a synonym for nursery school, to which the little ones go to receive their classes.

In some countries, the campus is also the set of selected animals that belong to a livestock establishment and to set of animals of good breed that are destined to obtain reproducers.