The concept of shoes comes from vulgar latin shoe, in turn derived from calceus (which can be translated as “shoe”). The term is often used in reference to a article of clothing that conforms to the legs.

ShoeIn general, the notion is used in the plural: hose. Leggings can be made with different materials and have different characteristics.

The origins of this garment date back to 7th century. In the beginning, its manufacture was carried out by the shoemakers, being a kind of pants that went from the waist to the feet, also covering these.

In the antiquity the leggings were part of the formal outfit. Currently they are often used in informal settings or to carry out physical exercise or sport activities.

There are leggings that cover the entire leg, reaching up to the ankle. Others end before knee (that is, they allow to cover the thigh).

Tights are often associated with tights and tight pants that are manufactured with elastic fiber polyurethane known as lycra (noun derived from the brand Lycra). This type of leggings was first used in the field of sports and later expanded into everyday life.

The cyclists, for example, they often wear leggings. The garment provides protection against low temperatures and is also comfortable since, due to its characteristics, it adapts to the body of who uses it.

As part of urban fashion, leggings are often chosen by women women. It is possible to wear leggings with shirts, T-shirts (T-shirts) or blouses, to indicate some possibilities.