Bypass is a word of the English language that is also usually used in our language, although its correct writing in Spanish is bypass. This term allows to name, in its broadest sense, an alternative route that is installed in system to avoid a blocking or barrier.

BypassThe most frequent use of the term is found in the medicine. It is known as bypass to surgical intervention which consists of creating a channel in the body to help in the circulation, since the duct is in charge of diverting the blood.

The valve bypass, in this sense, consists of evading a artery that is clogged or damaged so that blood can circulate elsewhere. A portion of another blood vessel can be taken or an artificial tube can be inserted to act as a bridge and allow circulation to remain adequate despite the blocked artery.

When the bypass takes place in the heart, there is talk of coronary bypass. What is usually done in these cases is to link the aorta artery with another vessel in the coronary area that is not affected by the blockage. The first coronary bypass was performed by René Favaloro (19232000), an Argentine doctor. It should be noted that, when the coronary bypass is completed without complications, the patient can resume his normal life with a better life expectancy.

In the same way, we cannot forget that there is what is known as aortofemoral bypass, which consists of the placement of an artificial graft or tube with the aim of improving blood circulation through the aorta or its surroundings because they are blocked or simply because they are narrow.

This intervention is also called a bi-femoral aorto bypass and it is necessary to carry it out when the aforementioned situation is bringing with it the appearance of gangrene, sores that do not heal as well as scaly skin and lack of life.

It is true that this surgical operation involves some seriousness and can be surprised by the appearance of a series of complications due to situations such as infections, the advanced age of the patient, his obesity or high blood pressure on his part.

A gastric bypass, on the other hand, it consists of creating a division in the stomach. The food that the patient consumes after the intervention, in this way, will be stored in the smallest part. The patient will therefore be satisfied with a quantity of meal lower than what you have been consuming, which will help you lose weight.

We cannot ignore either that there is a movie called “Bypas”. It is a 2012 Spanish romantic comedy, which stars Gorka Otxoa, Bárbara Goenaga, Sara Cózar and Mikel Losada.

Aitor Mazo and Patxo Tellería are the directors of this production, which brings us closer to the figure of a young economist who has a girlfriend but who, out of compassion for believing that he is going to die, tells an old childhood friend that he is in love her. A statement is made out of pity, but what will happen is that he will have to face it because the girl manages to recover. And so a most complicated love triangle arises.