A Butcher shop it’s a Comercial establishment dedicated to retail sale of meat. It is called meat, in this sense, muscular sector of the body of an animal that is intended for human food.

Butcher shopTypically, the butcher shop carries out the final meat processing activities, such as cutting and mincing. He who works in a butcher shop developing these chores and selling the meat is called Butcher.

Already in the Roman empire butcher shops existed. The butcher, in fact, was a privileged worker. Today butchers usually have an industrial-type refrigerator (refrigerator) for storing the meat and a refrigerated counter for the display of the different cuts. They must also have a table for cutting and multiple knives available to the butcher.

Butchers not only offer fresh meat. Many times they also market sausages and products of deli What sausages Y black pudding. Often they even sell the edible organ meats of the animals and sometimes raw but already prepared and ready-to-cook foods (such as breaded steaks known as Milanese and the skewers, skewers or brochettes).

There are commercial premises that function exclusively as butchers. However, it is common to find butchers in the interior of the supermarkets or installed in the same room next to greengrocers Y greengrocers.

The characteristics of butchers, however, depend on the culinary culture of each country. On Argentina, to mention one case, when a person want to prepare a roast (barbecue) usually go to your trusted butcher to get cuts of beef such as strip roast and the empty, for example.

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