Bus is a concept that comes from the French language and is formed with the prefix car- (which may refer to a car: that is, to something that can be by itself) and with the ending of bus (a vehicle that allows the collective transport of multiple passengers). A bus is a means of transport capable of transporting many people.

BusThe concept usually refers to vehicle intended for the public transport of individuals within a city or interurban. It generally follows a fixed route and travelers must pay a fee. ticket or passage according to the distance they travel.

The notion of bus can also be used to refer to a coach. In this case it is a vehicle that transports many passengers on an extensive journey that is carried out by route (highway).

It is important to mention that, according to the region and the type of service provided by the car, the bus can be called bus, collective, micro or bus, for example. In addition, according to your ability, a bus can be classified as minibus, minibus or midibus.

Is named articulated bus, on the other hand, to one that has two modules. These sections are linked together and increase the capacity of the vehicle. A car two folds, meanwhile, it is developed in two levels of height (There are subjects who travel on the lower deck and others on the upper deck).

A school busFinally, he transfers the students from their homes to the school and vice versa. It is common for these buses to be painted orange or yellow.