The notion of Burrito it has several meanings. Appears in the gastronomy, the botany, the zoology and the orthopedics, and it’s even a Nickname quite usual in Argentine soccer.

The term is the diminutive of donkey. It is called a donkey or donkey, on the other hand, to a animal mammal that belongs to the group of equidae and is characterized by its long ears. A burrito, in this way, can be a small size donkey.

Mexican food

The burrito is prepared with a rolled wheat flour tortilla.

The mexican burrito

In the kitchen of Mexico, the burrito is a meal what’s getting ready filling a wheat flour tortilla with meat, cheese and other ingredients. The tortilla in question is rolled up to contain the filling.

The history The name of burritos is often a matter of debate. There are those who say that, in times of Mexican Revolution, there was a man who was walking Juarez City on a donkey selling these stuffed tortillas. This is how the “Burrito food”.

Another version maintains that the burrito receives this name since it resembles the rolled blankets carried on donkey’s back. Some even claim that the burrito is called this way because it is similar to the ear of the ass.

The burrito tortilla is prepared with wheat flour, water and, in general, some fatty substance (butter or oil). Beyond its filling, which can be varied, it is common for it to be accompanied with beans.

An aromatic plant used as a flavoring and for infusions

Burrito or burro is also the common name of the Aloysia polystachya, a bush native of South America. It can reach a height of 1.3 meters and has blades that end in a point.


Burrito leaves can be added to mate.

It is common for the burrito to be used to give a distinctive flavor to the i will terer or to mate, combining it with yerba mate leaves. It can also be used to make a infusion known as burrito tea.

Birds and insects called burrito

It’s not just little donkeys that are referred to as burritos. To the birds that make up the genus Laterallus, for example, they are called chicks, redfish or burritos. The same goes for species that are part of the genre Porzana.

The Rhyephenes humeralis It is an insect of the order Coleoptera colloquially named stick horse or Burrito. The larvae They feed on wood, while adult specimens eat plants.

An instrument used in orthopedics

There is another meaning of burrito recognized by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in its dictionary. In this case, the term is used in the Bolivian territory.

The burrito is a orthopedic device used by those with walking difficulties. What the burrito or walker does is provide a support to promote travel.

Burrito in football

Finally, it cannot fail to indicate that several Argentine footballers are nicknamed “Burrito”. The most famous is Ariel “Burrito” Ortega, who shone in River plate, played in the soccer from Spain, Italy and Turkey and stood out in the Argentine national team (competing for the World Cups from 1994, 1998 and 2002).

Juan Manuel Martinez and Diego Rivero They are other soccer players nicknamed “Burrito”. Martinez played in Velez Sarsfield, Argentinos Juniors, Boca Juniors, Independent, Agricultural and Almagro in its country and in Cúcuta Sports (Colombia), Al-shabab (Saudi Arabia), Corinthians (Brazil) and Real salt lake (USA), while Rivero is an emblem of Chacarita Juniors with outstanding career also in other clubs.