The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) indicates in its dictionary that a buraco it’s a hole. It is a term little used to refer to a opening or yet orifice.

BuracoFor instance: “The bullet left a hole in the wall”, “Why do you keep wearing those pants? The fabric is full of buracos … “, “The fall of the meteorite produced a huge buraco in the middle of the field”.

Also called buraco or burako yet card game by team that is developed with french deck wave english deck (which are commonly used to play poker). The purpose is to make straight suits of the same suit or to group cards of the same value to discard or play them in each hand.

There are different modalities of play. It is possible to play with two card games and four jokers or with three games and six jokers. At the beginning, each player receives fifteen cards and simultaneously two fifteen-card decks are generated (known as the dead).

Participants try to create legs (three or more of the same cards) or ladders of the same suit. It is aimed at the development of buracos o baskets (groups of seven cards), either dirty / impure (with joker) or clean / pure (without joker).

The cards have certain values (Each ace, for example, is worth twenty points). The goal is to achieve the 3,000 points.

It should be noted that, although the original buraco is played with cards, there are also versions of buraco with records. In this case, the cards are replaced by the plastic tokens, which are placed on small stands.