A bunk is a bed precarious. It is a derogatory term that refers to a uncomfortable bed.

Lounge chairIt should be noted that a bed it’s a piece of furniture formed by a frame with legs, on which a table or bed base. On top of this table, meanwhile, a mattress, which is usually covered with bed sheets and other textile garments and complemented with a pillow.

The bed allows an individual to lie down. When it comes to a bunk, the mattress can be very hard, the frame is unstable or there is no availability of pillow, bedding, etc.

Due to their characteristics, lounge chairs are cheaper than beds. This is a substandard product, often made with materials cheap and generally not very durable.

In the jailsFor example, inmates often have lounge chairs rather than beds. Lounge chairs can also be used in hostels and other hotel establishments that have affordable rates.

Sometimes a bunk is called a furniture that allows you to lie down, although without the comforts of a bed. It can be a kind of deck chair (lounger) or sofa that serves to rest for a while, drink Sun or read, but that is not appropriate for sleeping.

This type of bunk can have wheels. In this way, it can be easily moved. This feature is linked to the fact that lounge chairs of this class are generally located in open-air spaces, with which sometimes it is desired to move them to place them where the sun’s rays reach.