IntimidationIntimidation is the bullying action and effect. East verb It refers to cause or instill fear. An intimidation, therefore, is an act that tries to generate afraid in other person so that it does what you want. For example: “The candidate assured that he will not tolerate any intimidation by the opposition”, “The intimidation took effect and the merchant decided to close his business”, “Teachers must be vigilant to warn of any intimidation among students”.

Bullying is part of our coping mechanisms and it is not always a negative thing; In a risky situation, when our instinct to cheat death comes to light, we are capable of doing anything to stay alive, and sowing fear in an opponent can serve to weaken them and be the ones to stand up in the end. of the day. All animals have this ability, although the role we occupy in a group may prevent us from using it.

In the context of today’s life, intimidation mechanisms are regulated by social interaction. The companies are governed by the laws, so bullying can be framed within illegal actions. For example, a merchant may not visit a competitor’s store to demand that they close their premises or raise their prices by threatening to retaliate, as such behavior is a crime and therefore can and should be reported.

Bullying usually occurs in the school setting through bullying (At present the use of the English term is very common bullying, of similar meaning). Certain children use their physical strength or popularity to create fear in others and inflict various torments on them. It should be noted that bullying can occur through a look, a few words or even through manipulation psychological.

IntimidationThe years we dedicate to our primary and secondary education are very important to our growth, since during such a changing and frenetic time we live many of the experiences that sculpt our character. But we also receive indelible injuries, which accompany us for the rest of our lives, and many of them begin with acts of intimidation by our classmates, teachers, or even our own family members.

Intimidating a person is not difficult; We all have this resource as part of our tools to survive, as mentioned a few paragraphs ago, which is why it is as accessible as laughing or crying. We all know how to use bullying, although few remember how and when they learned it; Although it is an action frowned upon by the society, It happens daily in all areas, and that is why we cannot avoid inheriting this particular skill.

The success of bullying is having chosen the victim perfect. Abusers are usually people with a very deep wound that cannot heal, usually damage caused by a being they blindly trusted and loved, such as one of their parents; Many times, when they seek a recipient of their abuse, they first try to establish a bond similar to the one they had with their abuser, although this is not necessary.

Just as the abuser is determined to inflict harm on his victim, he must be open to intimidation. When contact is established between both parties and the first injects the fear in the second, a cycle begins that often ends with suicide or very serious psychological disorders. Fear is part of life, but it is only healthy and natural when it arises spontaneously in the face of an unknown or difficult to understand event; when, instead, it becomes the basis of a relationship between two living beings, it is highly destructive.