Brooch is a term that comes from the tongue French, although its etymological origin is found in the Latin word brocca. A brooch is a element consisting of two parts, one of which is coupled or hooked on the other.

BroochThere are different kinds of brooch. At a general level, these objects are used to hold or adjust what lies between its two pieces, articulated with each other thanks to a spring or other mechanism. The spring makes the clasp snap closed.

Suppose a person wishes to order and secure a set of papers. To prevent these papers from blowing up and getting mixed up, you can resort to a clasp: thus, place the leaves between the two parts of the clasp. Brooches, on the other hand, serve to hang up or hang clothes.

A brooch can also be a jewel. In this case, the clasp o pin It is used for the external support of a garment or simply as an ornament.

Typically, these clasps have a decorative face and a fastening device. The decorative sector is located forward, while the fastening system is hidden behind the garment.

The idea of ​​brooch is also used symbolically to refer to the closure or auction of an activity, a action, an event, etc.. Usually the term appears when it comes to a successful or splendid ending.

By example: “And as the finishing touch to an unforgettable night, we toast under the moonlight”, “The highlight of the show was the participation of the English musician as a guest artist in the last two songs”, “The death of its founder put the finishing touch to the crisis of the company”.