Brete is a term whose etymology not known precisely. According to specialists, it could come from Occitan bret, in turn derived from an Old High German word that translates as “table”.

A gap is called a complex or problematic situation from which it is not easy to get out. Who is in a problem, or has been put in a problem, faces a difficult or impossible challenge resolution.


Being in a bind means finding yourself in a bind.

Uses of the concept

Be in a hole equals be in difficulties. Let’s see in a example how the concept is used.

Suppose a man lives in a rented house. When you lose your job, you start having trouble paying that rent. Months later, the owner gives him a deadline to pay everything he owes or, otherwise, he will have to leave the house. The individual, in this way, is in a bind: you need to get money urgently or you will be left without a place to liveas you have no other option available.

It is important to clarify that the gap represents a dilemma or one dilemma, but it does not always contemplate negative alternatives. Let’s imagine that a footballer who was playing at a high level suffers a injury, not being able to participate in three meetings of his team. In those games, his replacement becomes the figure of the team and scores four goals. It can be said that this boy, who until recently was a substitute, puts the coach in a hole: Once the athlete who was usually part of the starting line-up recovers, should he return to his place or, instead, should his replacement continue to play?


The idea of ​​bridle can also refer to a stocks.

The cleft as stocks

The second meaning of brete that includes the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in his dictionary alludes to a device that was placed on the feet of an inmate to prevent him from escaping.

A gap, in this sense, was a stocks. It was an iron instrument that, with rings or holes, was fixed at the feet of the prisoner, who could not walk due to the characteristics of the device. Thus, if he intended to flee, he could not do so.

The notion in livestock

A gap is also called small passageway that develops between two stakes. These straps, which have shortcuts at their tips, are used to line the won.

The cattle bretes serve to immobilize animals, thus facilitating the development of different actions. The brete contains the cattle, with which they can be marked, carried out a veterinary treatment or carry out other activities without risk to the person or the specimen in question.

Brete in different countries

The RAE points out that the idea de brete is used as a synonym for job on Venezuela, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. A brete, in this case, is a paid occupation.

At colloquial language from Cuba, a gap is a discussion on maintained by two or more individuals. On IndiaFinally, the gap is a meal It is prepared with a sheet with organoleptic characteristics similar to cloves.