FaultThe concept from fault it can be used in multiple ways. In colloquial language, a breakdown is known as a failure, a drawback or a hurt It affects the normal use of something.

In this case, the etymological root of breakdown could be found in the Catalan word greed, which in turn derives from the Arabic awāriyyah. The faults are defects or damage. For example: “Due to a breakdown in the plane, the flight is delayed”, “A failure in a gas pipe forced the interruption of the supply in the area”, “I was thinking of arriving before noon, but a breakdown in the car made me take longer than expected”.

When something breaks down, it’s broken. It can be said, in this framework, that a television that does not emit sounds is faulty. To retrieve the functioning device, it is necessary to repair the fault.

Before a fault in a device electronic, there are several paths the user can take, depending on certain factors. First, if you recently purchased it and it is still under warranty, you can contact the manufacturer for service. Here again several options may arise, since in some cases assistance can be provided remotely, such as when the failure is due to software or network problems, while in others it is necessary for the customer to send the device directly to the central for experts to assess the problem and carry out the appropriate repair, after which the product will be returned to you.

It is important to note that manufacturers protect their appliances from repairs unauthorized through seals that are destroyed once someone opens them. In this way, if a product is within the warranty period but the owner chooses to try to fix it on his own or hire an unofficial technician, he will no longer be able to enjoy the guarantee. Of course, the official technical service is not always the best option, since many times they replace newly purchased products with others without the customer’s consent, so they send them a different one, which may be in worse condition than the original and even be more old.

FaultFor this and other reasons, it is not uncommon for users to prefer to venture to repair any fault on their own, and for this it is not always necessary to have prior technical knowledge but rather they can consult the large number of tutorials present on social networks, both in text and video. In the same way, if to complete the work it is necessary to buy a specific piece, there are several virtual and physical stores that distribute them at retail, so that anyone can buy them and assume the risk of using them without supervision or the appropriate tools.

It is also called a breakdown when site where the poultry breeding and the group of birds that live in a pen. Like any other form of artificial rearing of individuals in the animal kingdom, breakdowns represent a form of exploitation since they deprive living beings of their freedom.

The right of breakdown, on the other hand, was a tax established in the commerce of the Spanish colonies that was applied to merchandise or merchants. During the 16th centuries Y XVII, the breakdown allowed obtaining income that financed the protection provided to commercial vessels that traveled between Spain and the calls Indias.

The fault was a tax from between 2.5% and the 30% That added to the value of the merchandise. Due to the increase in smuggling and fraud, in 1660 this fee was no longer charged.