Brazil is the name of the country bigger than South America, Latin America and the southern hemisphere. Its surface area exceeds 8.5 million square kilometers, which allows it to position itself as the fifth largest country in the world, only surpassed by Russia, Canada, China Y USA.

BrazilIt is a republic whose official language is Portuguese. Brazil declared its independence in 1822 and today it is made up of a federal district and twenty-six states.

The capital from Brazil it is Brasilia, a city that began to be built in 1956 with urban planner’s design Lucio costa and with Oscar Niemeyer as the most important architect. The most populous city in the nation is Saint Paul, while Rio de Janeiro it is its main tourist destination.

More than 210 million inhabitants, Brazil it ranks seventh among the countries with the highest number of inhabitants. For his gross domestic product (GDP), meanwhile, is among the ten most important economies on the planet.

The samba, the bossa nova and the football they are some of the main constituents of Brazilian culture. Among the personalities born in its territory we can name Pele, Ayrton senna, Maria Bethânia Y Vinícius de Moraes.

The term Brazil, meanwhile, is used to refer to a tree that belongs to the family group of the papilionáceas. Its wood is called brazil stick. Brazil is also called Colour which is similar to that of this wood and Colorant that is obtained from it.