Brake, from the Latin term frēnum, is he mechanism that allows a device stop or slow your progress. The brakes are responsible for transforming the Kinetic energy of an object (such as a car) in job or hot.

BrakesFor instance: “The accident occurred because the Fiat’s brakes failed and its driver could not stop the vehicle”, “Tomorrow I’m going to take the car to the mechanic to check the brakes”, “I think the bike’s brakes are working badly”.

Using this term, it must be established that in some countries there is also what is known as brake tape. This is neither more nor less than the material that is used to carry out what is the lining of the shoes of the aforementioned brakes. A material that is usually made up of metallic threads and asbestos.

There are different types of brake. The friction brakes are those who act, precisely, through forces friction. They have a fixed element that exerts pressure on the object to be slowed down. Within this group, it is possible to distinguish between drum brakes (friction is produced by pads that exert pressure on the inside of a rotating drum that is attached to the axle or wheel), the band brakes (with a flexible band that exerts tension on a cylinder attached to the axis to be manipulated), the rim brakes (common on bicycles) and disc brakes (they act on the rotation of the wheel).

Other kinds of brakes are electric brakes (create electrical current for braking), the mechanical brakes (transmitting force through cables or levers), the pneumatic brakes (that work with compressed air) and the hydraulic brakes (with a liquid that is transmitted via pistons).

In the automotive field, it is necessary to underline the prominence that so-called ABS brakes have had for a few decades, which are an anti-lock system for car wheels. Thanks to it, what is achieved is that during the braking process of those, the tires achieve greater adherence. In this way, it is strongly committed to the safety of all individuals who go inside said vehicles.

Likewise, we must not ignore the existence of a multitude of expressions that we use and that use the term that we are now dealing with. In this way we find, for example, “running without brakes” that determines that a person in question is living at a dizzying pace that is making him enjoy all kinds of pleasures.

Much more colloquial is the expression “downhill and without brakes.” It is used when you want to express that either a person or a situation is at a point where everything seems to be heading in a dangerous way, there is no going back, it goes very fast and it seems to indicate that the results are going to be disastrous.

In some countries, it is known as dental device that allows to correct the deviation of the teeth: “I’ve been using brakes since I was fourteen”, “The dentist recommended that I wear braces”.