Almost thirty meanings of the term cash register recognizes the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). The concept comes from the Latin word capsa.

The first meaning collected refers to the container that usually has a top and that allows the storage or transfer of items inside. The lid in question may or may not be attached to the body of the box.


Cardboard boxes are the most common.

Characteristics of a box

There are numerous box typesTherefore, listing the characteristics of these articles at a general level is complex. Yes we can say that the most common boxes are those made with paperboard that are shaped like a square or rectangular prism.

Anyway, there are also the boxes of wood, the metal boxes and the Plastic boxes, among other. In a broad sense, a box can be called any receptacle that facilitates the collection, conservation and transport of objects.

In a box they can be stored from food to toys, through jewelry, photo albums and magazines. Sometimes the box is referred to as container or packaging containing a commodity (such as a box of chocolates or one pizza box).

The concept linked to money and finance

It is called safe or safe to the one used to store valuables (such as jewelry or relics), money and important documents. These boxes generally have various security mechanisms and are shielded.

Typically, safes have a Secret password for its opening. Some models even combine the key with the use of a wrench. This way they become more secure.

Armored box

Many people keep their savings and jewelry in a safe.

In a bank or commercial establishment, it is known as a cash register. place where money is kept or received. In these boxes, attended by employees who are mentioned as cashiers, it is possible to make payments. Is called cash register, on the other hand, to the device that indicates and allows to automatically add the amount of the sold.

A savings bankMeanwhile, it is a credit institution that is dedicated to providing financing to small and medium-sized companies and individuals. The notion, in the singular, also refers to a bank account type.

To the accounting record that makes it possible to record the entry and exit of cash and the liquidity of an economic agent they are also called cash. By example: “I must check the box to determine what expenses we can cut”, “We have some cash problems, I will only be able to pay you in about ten days”.

The box in music and mechanics

A snare can be a percussion instrument type drum. This is also the name of the main part or to the external sector of certain instruments.

A music Box is a device that, once opened, plays a melody. Its mechanism includes a clock spring and a cylinder that has spikes.

In a car, the gearbox or gearbox It is the element that, by modifying the rotation speed link between the wheels and the engine, enables a change in the power. When the changes are made without the driver’s intervention, it is spoken of automatic gearbox.