The first step that we are going to take before entering fully into the meaning of the grandiloquent term is to know its etymological origin. In this case, it must be stated that it comes from Latin and is the result of the sum of two lexical components of that language:
-The adjective “grandis”, which can be translated as “enormous”.
-The verb “loqui”, which is synonymous with “speak”.
-The suffix “-encia”, which is used to indicate “quality of an agent”.

The adjective grandiloquent is used to qualify who expresses with grandiloquence: that is to say, with pomposity and pretense.

GrandiloquentThe concept can also be used with reference to what is ostentatious, pedantic, exaggerated or affected. For instance: “The mayor, always bombastic, gave a three-hour speech in which he criticized the opposition and his predecessor”, “My grandfather taught me by his example, without grand words”, “The actor celebrated his birthday with a bombastic party”.

In addition to those already exposed, we cannot ignore another series of synonyms for the word bombastic such as loud, bombastic, rhetorical, sententious or even bombastic. On the contrary, among its antonyms we come across terms such as plain, simple or simple, for example.

Bombastic expressions pretend give more importance to the things they communicate. This relevance is not based on the reality or in concrete facts, but in the words chosen to enlarge the magnitude.

Many times the menus of the restaurants They are bombastic. In this way, they present simple dishes known as sophisticated and novel elaborations, charging a high price for them. Yes to a “Grilled steak with lettuce and tomato salad” it is named as “Piece of grilled beef on a mattress of green leaves and garden tomatoes”, it can be said that the name of the dish is bombastic.

Politicians are also often bombastic. Suppose that the economy of a country registers an annual growth of 0.8%. If the president, before this indicator, affirms that “This achievement shows that the nation is advancing at full speed with a firm and unstoppable step towards a future of prosperity for each of its inhabitants”, it can be argued that the president is being bombastic.

Within the scope of literature, for example, we can indicate that it is considered that the one carried out during the so-called Spanish Golden Age is characterized precisely by being grandiloquent. And it is that in the works many resources were used such as metaphors, they bet on the “ornamentation” of the texts, they resorted a lot to the use of adjectives …

Since then, many authors have opted for being bombastic in their work, while others have opted for simplicity and minimalism. This would be the case, for example, of the famous Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges (1899 – 1986).

And precisely that grandiloquence can also be found in artistic works, such as examples of architecture or sculpture, from the period known as Baroque.